Coaching helps you - or you and your team - to move from “where you are,” to “where you’d like to be” in any area of your life or your organization. Group or team coaching is very interactive, and helps to create a strong team culture.


Coaching is a designed alliance. A good coach comes along-side you to listen intently, asking questions to draw out your thoughts and ideas. Coaching creates focus, motivation, and accountability. It can move you forward in life and leadership much faster than you could go on your own.

"Part of our mission at Love INC is to strengthen leaders and teams within the local church. To do this, we are pleased to partner with Leader to Leader Network to offer their workshops in our Love iNC Training Center. We believe that every team would benefit from their principles, vision, and strategy for leadership development.  


“Over the years I have experienced both personal and team coaching through Leader to Leader. I found their tools and coaching techniques to be exactly what I needed to move forward in my leadership roles. And through team coaching I was able to learn more about each of my team member’s strengths and values. This gave me insight into what motivated them and how they made decisions. Understanding our team dynamics helped us move forward as we worked together more efficiently, and helped us better respect each other in the process. We are privileged to have Leader to Leader right here in central Wisconsin—what an asset to the Wisconsin Rapids community and surrounding area!”     


DaNita Carlson, Director

Love INC of South Wood County

Wisconsin Rapids, WI


pling one-on-one as a coach / mentor.” 

“I found Leader to Leader Group Coaching to be challenging, thought-provoking, and encouraging. It has forced me to re-evaluate both how I lead and how I follow. 

I have learned to use the gifts I’ve been given more effectively and to appreciate the different strengths in others. It has made me a better person.” 


Kurt Overturf, Participant


“I feel that in order for a church to survive, it is vital for leaders to attend group coaching. Even if a person has been leading for years, this is a must for them to attend. It teaches people how to become the Godly leader that Christ has called them to be.


This training has allowed me to learn who God has called me to be as a leader. It is very easy to be a passive leader and miss out on opportunities to impact the Kingdom of God. This training reinforces how we are to be “like Jesus: and not lead from our selfish ways. This course helped me to refocus on the importance of discipling one-on-one as a coach / mentor.” 

Doug King, Participant


I would highly recommend group coaching to any man or woman who is starting to become a leader, or who has been a leader for years. Investing eight months of growing, learning, ministering, envisioning, and fellowshipping – along with worshipping and hearing God’s voice and will for your life is a very small amount of time in my eyes. 


God truly invested in two wonderful, God-filled women to train and teach others. Through group coaching and one-on-one leadership training, I have grown in all areas of my life. God has opened many doors for me in life, and this door was very educational, spiritual, and fun - not to mention great food, as well! If you come with an open heart, expecting to hear form God, you won’t be disappointed! It truly was worth eight months and more”. 

Karen Peterson, Participant

Are you interested in becoming a certified Leader to Leader™ Workshop Facilitator?  



Do you want to clarify your design and purpose? Live more intentionally? Work through a challenge, gain a fresh perspective, or start a new endeavor?

Coaching can help!

Coaching is a "designed alliance" - your coach comes along-side to help you move from "where you are" to "where you want to be" faster than you could go on your own. Unlike the athletic coaching model that has expert coaches directing their athletes' training, or an expert who tells you what to do, our coaches believe that you are the expert on your life, and that God has placed answers within you that can be drawn out to help you reach your full potential.

Each of our coaches has their own areas of expertise, and they have a variety of tools in their "coaching tool boxes."  Check them out and give one of them a call if they could be of service. They can help you move from where you are to where you want to be faster than you could go on your own.

"The work you have done with me has been immeasurable— professional coaching has changed the way I live and lead. I’d attend every leadership conference and read every book I could get my hands on, yet I wasn’t utilizing what I learned until I started coaching with you. The personal growth I have experienced has impacted me in all areas of my life, not just on the job. By using Christ as my blueprint each day, I’ve witnessed a transformation in both my personal and professional life—as well as in those with whom I come in contact. It’s an amazing feeling, and I couldn’t imagine living or leading any other way!”

Chris Hamm. Director of Operations

HHA Sports Inc., Wisconsin Rapids, WI


Is your team stuck, or just not functioning at their full potential? Is it time for a fresh look at your organization's Mission, Vision or Values? Do you need to create a new Strategic Plan? Coaching can help!

Your coach will come along-side, asking questions to draw out your team's thoughts and help create clarity and focus. Experience the forward momentum that comes as a result of creating a shared vision and plan to move toward it.

Each of our coaches has their own areas of expertise, and they have a variety of tools in their "coaching tool boxes."  Check them out and give one of them a call if they could be of service. They can help you move from where you are to where you want to be faster than you could go on your own.

“Being able to have our entire team coached was a complete game changer for us. We were able to identify the strengths and weakness of each team member and how that affected the group. We were also able to delineate specific roles and delegate responsibilities to the right people. If you and your team feel stuck or if you just need a reset, I cannot express enough the value of great team coaching.”


Bonnie Greene, Brave Women’s Ministry Director 

CLF, Port Edwards, WI



Are you looking for a practical, effective way to develop leaders? 


Our Group Coaching Experience is a tested strategy that facilitates the development of servant-leaders who:

     - Understand their personal design & calling

     - Appreciate the strengths of others

     - Choose to live intentionally

     - Have healthy relationships

     - Lead with joy from the inside-out - having character, skill, and focus

Invite your leaders and their teams to join you for group coaching sessions. Our facilitators will do the "heavy lifting so you can concentrate on investing in the people around your table. Your leaders naturally sharpen each other through these interactive group coaching sessions. You will encourage and learn from each other through group facilitation, lively discussion, required reading, and reflective homework. You will each take personalized steps to clarify your design and calling, to live intentionally, and to lead like Jesus - with character, skill, and focus. 

Our Eight Group Coaching sessions include topics that are built upon the first three squares in our Framework. Use the sessions as designed, or ask us to design a special coaching program just for you and your teams. Current topic include:


What Should I Do to Effectively Lead Myself?

            Live & Lead From the “Inside-Out”

            Discover Your Strengths

            Live Intentionally

            Clarify Your Values and Passions


What Should I Do to Effectively Lead Others, One-to-One?

            Build Trust

            Handle Conflict Effectively


What Should I Do to Effectively Lead a Team?

            Inspire & Envision

            Innovate & Evaluate

            Equip & Empower

            Encourage & Strengthen

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