Leader to Leader™ Network 


We are certified coaches and facilitators who

develop servant-leaders that live and lead from the inside-out.

Everything we do is based on the

Leader to Leader™ Framework, Philosophy, and Strategy. 








We foster leadership development in our community

by coaching Christian leaders and teams, facilitating workshops, 

and partnering with like-minded organizations to offer

great leadership development events.

We bring together Christian leaders from every sector of our community to grow personally,

sharpening each other and returning to add value in our circles of influence.

We are committed to personal growth - living and leading from the inside-out,

with character, skill, and focus.

We are a division of O'Connor Coaching LLC.

"As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another."

Proverbs 27:17




The arrows represent leaders from every sector of our community coming together to "sharpen & be sharpened," and then returning to add value in their areas of influence.

Arrows symbolize movement, and our leaders are "on the move" to positively impact every area of our community.


Everything we do is based on the Leader to Leader™ framework, philosophy, and strategy for leadership development. We are dedicated to developing more leaders - and better leaders - in the churches and communities we serve. We use our  framework  to grow in self-leadership, relational leadership, team leadership, organizational leadership, and community leadership.


We believe that given the right environment, leaders will naturally sharpen each other. We use a "coach approach,” coming along-side leaders from every sector to offer encouragement and help develop their teams. Practical tools are passed on “leader to leader” through events, workshops, coaching, training, roundtables, retreats, and conferences. 


We believe that every leader has a "leadership lid,” a term used for the current level of their leadership ability.  Organizations and communities cannot grow above their leader's current "lid." So in order to grow the organization or community, we believe we must first grow the leaders. Those who serve on our leadership team come from different faith backgrounds, and all agree with our statement of faith. We are creating a movement of “leaders sharpening leaders,” and nurturing a leadership culture that will help to raise our community's leadership lid.